Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unable to open PST file filepath. Error details: Access to the path filepath is denied.

When attempting to import a PST file from an administrative workstation running Exchange Management Shell you may experience the following error:

Unable to open PST file "filepath". Error details: Access to the path "filepath" is denied.

When examining the PST file you notice that your account does indeed have permissions to access the PST file on your local computer.  Why is this error occurring?

This is because the Mailbox Replication Server (MRS) is running as LocalSystem it can’t access a network share. By adding the Exchange Trusted Subsystem group to the share permissions you will give the LocalSystem account and therefore MRS access to the share.

 To ensure this works for all PST files on a machine in any share, you can simply add "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" to the local Administrators group.


  1. I get this same message when trying to Export to a PST file. It says that it is Unable to open PST file 'text'. Error Details: Access to the path 'text' is denied. I've tripled checked that Exchange Trusted Subsystem has Modify rights, along with my admin account used to launch the PS, but still get this message. Any suggestions?

  2. In another blog, it said that you couldn't point the PST file locally, so I have been trying to put it on a server. I just tried sending it locally, and it worked.

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    If you put PST file on server then you can get a problem with PST file like corruption in file structure. You can get necessary idea with PST file from a helpful resource:

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  4. Thank you! This one was killing me.

  5. I simply added "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" to the local Administrators group, thanks a lot.
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