Sunday, June 16, 2019

Unable to remove RDS Session Host

A customer had a failed RDS Session Host which needed to be removed from a cluster.  We were not able to login to the failed host as it was blue screening and needed to be forcefully removed.

Even using PowerShell with the -force switch we were unable to remove the server getting the following error:

"Unable to cleanup the RD Session Host server"

To remove the server we needed to install SQL Management Studio and connect to the RD Broker Windows Internal Database (WID) which is a lightweight install of MS SQL.

SQL Management Studio was downloaded and installed from the following link:

Make sure you run SQL Management Studio as "Administrator" and you should be able to connect to the following instance as a Domain Admin:


The server needs to be removed from two tables:
  • rds.Server
  • rds.RoleRdsh
Make note of what ID number the server you want to remove is... mine is ID 4 as shown in the screenshots below.

Next I used the following command to remove the failed server from the RD Broker database:

use RDCms;
delete from rds.RoleRdsh where ServerID = '4';
use RDCms;
delete from rds.Server where Id = '4';

I strongly recommend a full backup of the SQL database be taken before making any changes.

Hope this post was helpful.