Friday, April 23, 2010

Windows Server 2008 DHCP Problem "The parameter is incorrect"

I setup a brand new windows server 2008 standard server. Installed all the latest windows updates. Promoted the server to be a domain controller then added the DHCP console. Upon DHCP setup server 2008 automatically authorized the DHCP server in active directory to provide DHCP..

I did not want the server to be authorized until i'm ready to kick it over from my old DHCP server.

When I went to unauthorize the server however I received the error:

The parameter is incorrect.

I checked using netsh to confirm if the server is authorized in Active Directory. "DC1" is the server name, which it is!

I attempted to remove it using netsh but that also failed with the following error:

Believe it or not the fix for this was:
- Stopping DHCP service
- Deleting the DHCP server object from the DHCP console
- Re-add the DHCP server to the DHCP console
- Start the DHCP service
- Try again to unauthorize the DHCP server

This worked - weird problem!


  1. Clint,

    Many thanks for this post. I was having no end of trouble adding the DHCP role to my new Windows 2008 DC after attemting a DHCP migration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008. I am not sure why the Server Manager -> Roles option doesn't work but the MMC snapin does. I did use netsh to delete the old scope (from the failed install, had tried dcdiag /fix, ADSI Edit, etc to resolve this) Now my DHCP server is doing it's job.

  2. thanks for such nice post

  3. It really worked amazing..........

  4. Odd problem! Thanks this really worked on our DC after having to do a System State restore.

    Many Thanks!

  5. Same problem here, but your fix didn't work for me. Crazy frustrating! Looks like I'll be better off just rebuilding the server from scratch.

  6. Thanks
    I had the same problem, and this worked perfectly

  7. Same here, Win2003 wouldnt de-auth until I did the above routine. Weird indeed.

  8. Thanks guys, glad this post was helpful.

  9. Thank you sir. Appreciate it.

  10. Well Done. Thanks for posting.

  11. Clint,

    Nice post ... I also had the same issue.
    I was able to resolve it by doing it through "manage authorized servers" (right-click dhcp server) and unauthorize the server in question.

    Raymond Schuiling

  12. that's what i had to do too

  13. I had this same issue - battling to resolve it still after trying the above steps - If I go through the Server Manager - right click Servers and select DHCP Manager it shows IPv4 as functional - use the MMC plugin for DHCP and check managed DHCP Servers - shows that server as functional and authorized - now while the Server Manager -> DHCP Manager is open I also open DHCP Manager pinned from the taskbar - it shows red circle and none functional - If I check from there, it shows that DHCP server as authorized even though its circled out

    Be interested to know if anyone has had this experience tied with the above

  14. Nice fix.. worked for me!