Tuesday, April 20, 2010

0x800C8203 Autodiscover

I had a client running Exchange 2007 that was receiving the following error in Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration in Outlook when trying to Autodiscover:

FAILED (0x80072F0C)

To resolve this issue you need to set the Client Certificates setting to "Ignore" under the Autodiscover virtual directory in IIS manager.

After making this change autodiscover now works correctly.


  1. Man, you are my hero!
    I've been searching for this nearly for 2 months :)
    Thank you!

  2. YEAAAAAAHH!!! This save me too!!!!

  3. Thank you, resolved my issue

  4. Think I must have switched that one when I was troubleshooting - and forgotten I'd done it - figures. Worked for me, excellent.

  5. This unfortunately creates a password prompt for internal users on opening Outlook, even though they are already loaded into an authenticated session with AD credentials.
    Not sure if there is a way around that?

  6. Hi Annonymous,

    This is not the reason why your outlook users are being prompted. There are many reasons for password prompts.

    Are you users connecting via RPC over HTTPS or direct MAPI?

  7. Clint, I found that in my case the intermediate certificate was missing from my load balancer and this was causing the 0x800C8203 error. Thanks for this post and suggesting to check out authentication!

  8. Superb ... Thanks for this

  9. Here is solution of this error try it
    https://myserver.com/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml FAILED (0x800C8203)

  10. this error is happening only on one user's account. The IIS settings are all correct.
    Any ideas?

  11. Yes it is most likely the permissions on the users account in Active Directory. Turn on Active Directory users and computers advanced features, go to the Account properties, click Security, click Advanced then inherited permissions from the parent to overwrite the account permissions.

    Kind Regards,

  12. the other setting which makes a different is the Kerberos authentication option on the web site which the Exchange Web services/Sites are hosted go to the Authentication applet and enable 'Windows Authentication', now ensure that the 'Windows Authentication' is selected in the actions menu on the right hand side and click the 'Advanced Settings' option and uncheck 'Enable Kernel-mode authentication' and click OK. If they client attempts to authenticate with Kerberos it can cause problems, so can be worthwhile trying changing this setting as it could help

  13. Hi Terry and thank you for this post

    May you please assist me if possible
    Currently I have exchange 2010 and 2013 in the same environment/network and autodiscover seems to work for 2010 but fails for 2013 when I perform the "Test E-mail AutoConfiguration" Test
    I already have both 2010/2013 Host A Record on my local DNS and I've even created an A Host Record pointing to exchange 2010 for now since most of clients reside on it

    What could I be missing

    Thanks in advance