Monday, January 4, 2010

HP Server Hardware Diagnostics

You have a HP server you wish to perform hardware diagnostics on to identify any potential problems with the server components. What tool do you use? Where do you get it from?

Well HP provide two tools for this:
- HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition
- HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition

Ideally you wish to run the Offline scan as it is more comprehensive and can detect problems the online scan cannot. Where do you get the offine edition however? This is not downloadable from the HP site anymore without a cost. However when you buy a HP server you get a "Smart Start HP CD" with the server which is bootable. If you boot of this disk it has the Offline diagnostics tool on the disk.

As of this writing its up to version 8.3 of the tool. If you cannot find a smart start disk anywhere I found an old copy of the tool (version 8.0) which can be downloaded from the following FTP link:

Hope this post has been helpful.


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