Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adobe Reader Error on Windows 2008 x64 SP2 Terminal Server

I have a clean windows server 2008 x64 terminal server with the latest service pack and updates. I installed adobe reader as an administrator with the terminal server in application install mode. I tested the application as administrator it works fine.

When users that are not an administrator run the application on the terminal server they recieved:

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader\9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

To fix this error I had to change the compatability of adobe reader to Windows XP SP2. This is really weird as I had adobe installed on other terminal servers, it was just an older version and these did not have the issue.


  1. In Roaming Profile szenarios it is necessary to add two Registry-Keys via GPO for the users, for linking AppData directory via drive letter and NOT UNC path.

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