Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dell Studio 1537 Laptop Bluetooth Problems

I have a Dell Studio laptop 1537 Laptop... very good laptop I might add. However the bluetooth was not working. The software for Bluetooth was installed, Bluetooth was enabled in the BIOS however in windows Bluetooth would not appear in device manager. The laptop is running Vista Ultimate 32bit.

I also confirmed that BTTray.exe was running in the background however the bluetooth icon would never appear in the system tray.

I also had issues with the wireless button that controlls bluetooth and wifi. When you turn the wireless switch off bluetooth and wifi are ment to stay disabled. However if you close the laptop lid and put it to sleep then wake it up again, the wireless and bluetooth would re-enable even though the switch was still turned off. When I say bluetooth, I mean the bluetooth light on the laptop... the bluetooth in windows was still not functioning or getting detected in device manager.

The Dell Studio 1537 laptops come with a built in Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Mini-card.

I noticed that there was a bios revision. This notebook came with A07, and the update on Dell released febuary 2009 was A08. After installing this revision bluetooth showed up in device manager, the BTTray.exe icon appeared in my system tray. The Dell Bluetooth Travel mouse now works! Additionally this BIOS revision fixed the problems with the wireless button on the side of the laptop. Now when its off it stays off!

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  1. Clint,

    I have the exact same problem. How do I upgrade the BIOS on my DEll Studio 1537? My e-mail address is

    Thank you.


  2. Hi Mitchell,

    Go to:

    Expand BIOS then click Download button. Look there is an even newer version now. As of this blog post it was only up to A08, now there is an A09 build.

  3. i installed this bios update but still my bluetooth is not working. not even appearing in device manager

  4. Is the wireless turned on. The bluetooth is tied in with the wifi.

  5. Dear I have the same problem, my bios version is A08 but bludtooth is not working, only icon appear in control penal. Also please anyone inform me that if I install new bios version A09 then what the cosequence I will face, is there any hardware / software problem occure after installing new version of bios.
    Please inform me at my email address.

    Naseer Ahmed

  6. There is no problems going to A09... it just contains a bunch of bug fixes.

  7. I have seen many issues about the same issue online, i feel i should go with another model!@Sara
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