Monday, October 26, 2015

Exchange 2013 POP3 Proxy Inactive

A customer complained that POP3 was no longer working.  After looking into this, it turned out that PopProxy was Inactive on the Exchange 2013 server.  As to why it was inactive is unknown.

To start the PopProxy was challanging, generally you change ServerComponentState using the maintenance requester for most components.  However running the following command did nothing:

Set-ServerComponentState -State Active -Requester Maintenance -Component PopProxy -Identity AB-EXCH-01

To start the PopProxy component, I needed to use the Exchange 2013 Health API as a requester.

Set-ServerComponentState -State Active -Requester HealthAPI -Component PopProxy -Identity AB-EXCH-01

As shown below:


  1. Hi Clint, I have this problem after each time the server gets restarted. Do you know what would be causing this or how to resolved it without having to type this command after each reboot?


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