Sunday, March 30, 2014

Force SYSVOL Replication with File Replication Service (FRS)

As an administrator you may make a group policy change on the domain controller running the PDC emulator and you want this change to be replicated out to a branch location immediately.  Instead of waiting for the FRS replication interval, you can force the replication to the branch site.  This is done by using the ntfrsutl command.

In this example DC1 is the domain controller in the corporate HQ site running the PDC emulator and DC2 is a domain controller in a branch site.  To force the SYSVOL to be replicated to the branch location, simply run the following command on DC1, the server which you want to replicate from:

ntfrsutl forcerepl DC1.domain.local /r "domain system volume (sysvol share)" /p DC2.domain.local

If the command executes correctly you will see the following output:

LocalComputerName = DC1.domain.local
ReplicaSetGuid = (null)
CxtionGuid = (null)
ReplicaSetName = domain system volume (sysvol share)
PartnerDnsName = DC2.domain.local

Check the sysvol on the branch location and make sure the replication has occurred successfully!

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  1. I think you have the direction backward. In this example, the replication would happen from the source of DC2.domain.local to DC1.domail.local as it is connecting to DC1.domain.local first and replicating from DC2.domain.local.