Monday, July 8, 2013

Wheres Modify Extra Properties in MFCMAPI?

MFCMAPI is an advanced MAPI Editing tool used for manually editing MAPI property tables.  To Exchange experts it is known as the ADSIEdit for MAPI.  If you are not an Exchange Developer/Expert you have no business in MFCMAPI - do use this program unless you are following strict instructions from either Microsoft or a product manual.  If you do have a requirement to utilise MFCMAPI and you are following a document, first of all you can download the MFCMAPI application from codeplex on the following URL with the latest version being 15 as of this writing:

With the new build of MFCMAPI a few things have been moved around.  One common one which gets a lot of administrators is "Modify Extra Properties".  If you are following a product manual and it has asked you to select an object then "On the Property pane menu, click Modify Extra Properties" you are properly scratching your head.

The "Modify Additional Properties" field has now been renamed to "Additional properties...".  Simply select this instead then follow the rest of your instructions as normal.

The next screen is the same as previous versions of MFCMAPI.

Follow your documentation from here as normal.

The purpose of this article is to clarify this step in existing documentation.  MFCMapi is a dangerous tool and if administrators do not know what they are doing they can cause serve damage.


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