Sunday, September 4, 2011

Access is Denied adding GPMC to MMC

Scenario: I have an administrators XP workstation. The administrator has a standard user account and an administrator account. I migrated his standard user account and administrator account to a new Active Directory forest. ADMT performed security translation on his profile. The administrator can successfully login to the new domain keeping his same profile and settings.

Problem: The administrator opens MMC using "run as" and specifies his administrative credentials in the source forest. He can access AD Users and Computers and make configuration changes. When he tries to add group policy management console (GPMC) to the MMC console he receives Access is Denied.

I used Sysinternals Process Monitor (Procmon.exe) and noticed it was having problems writing to a particular registry key.

I granted the administrator account full control over the profile using regedit.

This resolved the problem.

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