Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Counting Number of Public Folders

Below I will show you a method to count the number of public folders you have in your Exchange organisation for both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007/2010.

Exchange 2003

For Exchange 2003 download PFDavAdmin from the following location:

In PFDavAdmin click Tools --> Options. Enable logging to a file.

Then click Tools --> Content Report. Select All public folders for the scope.

Specify a location where to save the report.

When the report finishes generating you will have on your screen the total number of public folders residing on the server.

Exchange 2007/2010

Exchange 2007/2010 has native powershell support. Chris Schrimsher has produced a script that will automatically count the number of public folders you have in your organisation. To get a copy of his script please view the following link:

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  1. Exchange 2010:
    Get-PublicFolder –server EX2010 -Recurse | Get-PublicFolderStatistics |ft Name, ItemCount, FolderPath > C:\report.txt