Monday, November 22, 2010

What are inetOrgPerson objects?

What are inetOrgPerson objects?

Windows Server 2003 Active Directory includes a new object type (that is, object class), inetOrg-Person, which is identical to the user object type in practically every way. InetOrgPerson was defined in RFC 2798 to represent a standard network user, and many other directory services use it for this purpose. Therefore, inetOrgPerson was brought along to Active Directory so that it would be easier to interoperate with these other products or to migrate them to Active Directory.

Although inetOrgPerson should be identical to user, Microsoft recommends that you test it with your applications that would use Active Directory as an authentication method, and your other projected usage scenarios, before you actually start using inetOrgPerson objects.

If inetOrgPerson objects are not needed in your forest, you can modify the forest schema so that InetOrgPerson doesn't appear in the New context menu of the Users and Computers snap-in. You would need to change the defaultHidingValue property of the inetOrgPerson schema class definition to TRUE. This setting affects all administrators of the forest, unless they use some other tool to create objects.

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