Saturday, March 20, 2010

Error with ImageX WAIK 1.1

I mounted a .wim file I had been working on which contained some imaging software:

imagex /mountrw c:\boot\winpe.wim 2 c:\image

This makes it available in the "image" folder.

I then went and edited a bat script on the image. Once the changse to the script inside the wim file had been completed I went to unmount the image and commit the changes using the following command:

imagex /unmount /commit c:\image

However I received the following error:

Unmount error: Changes to the Image could not be commited.
More Info:
The data is invalid.

After I remounted the image, I checked, the changes stuck. This error is bogus, it is saying the data didn't commit when it did. Maybe this is because I never added any new files, I only modified an existing one?

Anyway if you see this error, just ensure you check the file - ensure your changes stuck and ignore the error in future.

1 comment:

  1. it doesn't change anything, even when you don't change anything in this image it warn you with an error.

    BTW : i try to make driver injection with peimg and it works, except for the commit, if you find out how to fix it ... let me know ^^