Friday, October 16, 2009

Exchange 2000 error 0x8000FFFF: An unexpected error occurred

When uninstalling Exchange 2000 I got the following prompt appear:

Every I clicked on in the showed the following error:

Setup failed while (error 0x8000FFFF: An unexpected error occurred.) .

Additional information:
An unexpected error occurred.

ID no: 8000ffff
Microsoft Exchange Setup


I have uninstalled Exchange 2000 many times through Add and Remove programs and never had this before - really weird. The fix for this was to run the exchange setup application of the exchange 2000 CD under D:\Setup\i386\setup.exe, and selecting remove for all exchange components. Maybe the installation files on drive c: were corrupt?

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  1. Hi,

    Before you remove Exchange 2000, you must disconnect all mailboxes enabled users from the mailboxes on the Exchange server, resultant users will have been disconnected and then you can use the Exchange 2000 Setup program to remove Exchange 2000.