Monday, August 17, 2009

Fix Spellcheck Office 2010 Technical Preview

In the technical preview Microsoft released to the public, the spell check does not work. To fix this, delete the Overwrite key located under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\1.0\Override

Close all office applications then reopen one like word. Navigate to options:

In Options click proofing then click recheck document.

From here on out provided you have check spelling while you type selected it will automatically underline spelling mistakes in red.


  1. EXCELLENT!!! Thanks you so much, this solved my spell check problem, just in time for me to hand in my final research paper!!

  2. Thanks it worked like a charm.

  3. Thanks, Clint, this did the trick for me.

  4. Thank you very much Clint! I tried reinstalling office 2010 first but that didn't fix the problem. Then I came across your article and this seemed to be the only fix for my dis-functional spell checker.

  5. Worked perfect! I was pretty frustrated having tried several other suggested fixes and none worked but this. It was well documented and very clear. Thank you! BTW, I am running Office 10 on a Vista machine.

  6. thanks for the help

  7. Still having the problem of no spell check -- and there is no "override" file to delete. any other ideas.

    1. I am stil having the issue as well and there is no "override" file.

  8. THANK YOU!!!! - tried many solutions posted but this WORKED...