Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Force Windows Media Player DNLA Server to Refresh Media

Windows Media Player has a DLNA server built into it provided through the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing" Windows service.  This allows DLNA clients such as TV's, Playstation's, xBox's, Apple TV's and more to play media from Windows over the network.  To enable this under the streaming menu in Windows Media Player (version 12) in this writing simply select the Stream menu and allow devices to stream media.

Under more streaming options you can select specifically which devices can stream media from Windows Media Player.

One problem which users often experience is the Windows Media Player not refreshing media fast enough.  Windows Media Player often rechecks for new movies/music on your computer hard drive however sometimes when you download something new and go to a DNLA device such as a TV to play the media, it might not appear.

It is possible to force Windows Media Player to refresh media, this can be done by selecting "Apply media information changes" from the Organize menu.

This process often takes a while depending on the amount of media on your computer.

To configure Windows Media Player where to look for new media, go to Organize, Manage libraries then select the library you wish to modify.

In here you can select which folders or drives on your computer containing media will be available to DLNA clients on the network.

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