Thursday, July 28, 2011

ADMT Unable to create or merge object

I am performing domain migration and I ran into the following problem error in the migration logs for a user account:

2011-07-29 13:37:35 WRN1:7665 Unable to create or merge object 'CN=Joe Blow,OU=My Users,DC=domain,DC=local' as another instance of ADMT is currently creating or merging the same object.

I had started migrating Joe Blow to the new forest using ADMT but then realised I hadn't started the Password Export Server on the source domain so I hit "Stop" to stop the migration. I then went and started Password Export Server and tried to migrate the account again. This is where I received the above error.

What happened was ADMT recorded in the ADMT migration SQL database that the account is currently locked as its undergoing migration.

I am using SQL Express 2005 on my ADMT 3.2 server on Windows Server 2008 R2. I went and downloaded SQL Management Studio Express 2005 from here:

I then found the location in the ADMT database where the account was locked. It is under the table dbo.LockedObjects.

After deleting this record I was able to successfully migrate the user.


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