Sunday, November 29, 2009

Converting Active Directory Integer8 values

Active directory stores dates as Integer8 (a 64-bit number) values. These cannot be read easily by the human eye.

There are many ways to convert these values... I'll show you a few tricks to do this.

Lets export a Integer8 value:

dsquery * "CN=computerobject,OU=Servers,DC=Domain,DC=internal" -attr lastLogon

One way you can accomplish this is by using powershell:

$(get-date 1/1/1601).adddays(($(&dsquery * "CN=computerobject,OU=Servers,DC=Domain,DC=internal" -attr lastLogon)[1].Trim())/(60*10000000)/1440)

If you dont have powershell you can simply use the w32tm utility:

w32tm /ntte 129040375603051932

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