Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bind9 Error on Ubuntu

I noticed an error on all my secondary bind9 servers running on ubuntu linux. This error was appearing in the daemon.log file in /var/log

zone 4playgames.local/IN: refresh: unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL) from master (source

On the primary DNS server I was recieving this error message in daemon.log:

zone 4playgames.local/IN: loading from master file 4playgames.local.zone failed: CNAME and other data

The primary DNS server was still functioning correctly, however this one zone file was no longer functioning. What caused the problem was there were 2 records that had the same name. A "CNAME" and an "A" record both had the same name in the zone file, which caused the entire zone file not to load anymore.

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