Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GPMC Scripts - List All GPO's

I had the need to create a list of all GPO's on a domain. I found something new... when you install GPMC under C:\Program Files\GPMC\Scripts there is a whole bunch of scripts that you can run to perform different tasks that are not part of the GPMC console.

The script I used in this instance to create a list of all GPO's in a text file was ListAllGPOs.wsf.

cscript ListAllGPOs.wsf > c:\list.txt

If you have Windows Server 2008, these scripts are not included with group policy management console - However you can manually download them from here:


On Windows Server 2008 the scripts are installed to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Group Policy\GPMC Sample Scripts\

I found this blog by a guy named Garry who has gone through and created a brief description of what each of these Scripts in the C:\Program Files\GPMC\Scripts directory does. Well worth checking out, the link is:


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