Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Citrix Gateway 3.0 - The server certifiate specified is unusable

Today I attempted to replace a certificate on a Citrix Gateway.  When replacing the certificate in the Secure Gateway Configuration Wizard I received the following error message:

"The server certificate specified is unusable"

Citrix has the following knowledge base article on this problem however it did not resolve my issue.  This knowledge base article can be found under the following address.

I created the certificate on a Windows 2008 server using MMC console using a procedure similar to the following:

I exported the certificate with private key and imported it onto my Citrix Gateway server running Windows 2003 server.

After some further investigation it turns out that Citrix Gateway does not support certificates which were exported from one server then imported.  The Certificate signing request MUST be created on the Citrix Gateway server otherwise Citrix will complain about the certificate.  After recreating the certificate on the Citrix Gateway server I did not have any issues.

I was using Citrix Gateway version 3.0.0

Hope this post has been helpful.

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