Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reset Terminal Server grace period - Server 2000/2003

Windows Server 2000/2003 both have 90 day grace periods for their Terminal Server Licencing Server. Sometimes you may need to reset this 90 day period for the following reasons:
  • Your clents cannot log on because all of your Terminal services licences have been used up, even though you bought the right amount of licences and should have licences available.
  • Your clients are not taking permanent licences after the 90-day grace period expires.

To reset the 90 day grace period on the Terminal Server Licensing Server perform the following steps:

net stop TermServLicensing

Rename %windir%\system32\LServer to %windir%\system32\LServer.old

Make a new empty directory in %windir%\system32\ named LServer

net start TermServLicensing


  1. please...i am more than desperate: i need help with reseting the grace period of ts-windows 2008 r2.


  2. Does this apply to Windows 2008 TS?

  3. no it doesn't.... at least not with the commands described here.